10 Festival Wear Essentials for Bonnaroo 2020

| May 12, 2019

Bonnaroo is coming back for it's seventeenth year! This four day festival located in Tennessee is a once in a lifetime experience. This event never fails to encompass the diverse world of music. With acts like Childish Gambino, Phish, Post Malone, Odesza, The Lumineers and Cardi B, this festival will satisfy all your music needs. 

iEDM is here to make sure you aren't sweating the little stuff so that you can go out and enjoy your weekend! From camping decor and blankets to tanks and shorts, we have everything you need to take on the four day extravaganza! 


1. Tapestries

Tapestries are an essential for festival camping! Ranging from being used as something to sit on to keeping yourself warm when the sun goes down to shielding your campsite from the brutal sun, tapestries will make sure you are covered! Use this multi-use friend to decorate your campsite so that you may never lose home base. Check out more tapestries HERE

Buy this Floral Sunset Tapestry HERE. 


2. Women's Crop Top

If there's anything we can recommend to prepare you for Bonnaroo, dress for hot days! The weather is typically hot and humid with a small chance of rain. Pack your lightest, vibrant outfits for this music festival. iEDM used sublimation techniques to make sure your favorite outfit doesn't face over time! Check out our matching festival outfits HERE

Snag your Funkadelic Crop Top HERE


3. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are essential for any daytime event! Don't forget to bring (multiple) sunglasses for your unforgettable adventure. Music starts as early as noon, as well as, morning yoga and workshops! 

Get a pair of Mutant Beat Sunglasses HERE


4. Men's Shorts

Be sure to grab a pair or two of our unique shorts! Perfect for festivals- you'll be comfortable all weekend!  Check out more amazing designs HERE.

Buy your Dreamstate Weekend Shorts HERE.


5. Hydration Backpacks

Hydration is key! Check out our perfect mini hydration backpack-light weight and dazzling designs. From reflective to furry bags, you'll fund something that suits your personality. 

You can buy your Holographic Disco Mini Hydration Pack HERE. 


 6. Bodysuit

iEDM has an assortment of fun bodysuits for your festival needs! Keep it simple with these rave rompers. Feel your best as you dance the night away in your new bodysuit.

Check out our Velvet Bodysuit HERE!


7. Men's Tanks

You can never have too many art covered shirts! iEDM has a plethora of of men's tanks with a variety of unique images to fit your current vibe. Remember to share your pictures with us - we love to see you shining in your new outfits!

Buy your Fire and Ice Men's Tank HERE


8. Beach Towel

Bring a towel! Whether you are showering or saving a spot for a friend, a towel is always a good idea. If you've been to a festival before, you know how exhausting it can be walking around all day! Bring a beach towel to sit on during a well deserved break.

You can purchase your Owl Beach Towel HERE


9. Booty Shorts

What a time to be alive! Women all over are being empowered to love their bodies and express themselves. Our colorful boot shorts will be just what you need to feel confident in your skin. We have new rave outfits to match your needs HERE. 

Get your Wolf Crop Top and Booty Shorts Combo HERE. 


10. Bandana Mask

Bandanas are a must! That dust can get a little crazy-protect your lungs. Our face mask bandanas will stay put through all of your adventures. Doubling up as a hair band, this bandana can be used for a variety of occasions. 

Grab a Floral Skull Bandana Mask HERE.


Bonnaroo is one of the largest festivals in the country- you do not want to miss this. The festival is perfect for anyone who loves all types of music from EDM to jam and pop to hiphop. You can find tickets HERE. 


Explore out Festival Collection for all your apparel needs! For things that glow, you can check out our Glow Factory HERE. 


Check out the Camping Festival Collection HERE for campsite decor and all your multi-night fest gear.

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Read More...Corinne is a Denver-based visual artists and writer.

She grew up in Chicago and then received her BA in Studio Art at University of Minnesota- Twin Cities before making her way to Colorado.

Her first festival was Electric Forest which inspired her to pursue a creative life. She began participating with the Bassnectar team and shortly after starting working behind the scenes of a multitude of music and art events.

You can find her running around Denver getting involved in all things art and music.

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