10 New EDM Tracks: Thanksgiving Edition 2018

| November 21, 2018

As our world is shifting and going through a major transition, so are the new fresh released tracks in our scene. 2018 may be almost over, but the new tracks are groovier, filthier and housier than ever.

Check out tracks from some of your favorite artists while you enjoy the great vocals on the latest release by SLANDER, groove the night away to "Blessed," a massive track by The Martinez Brothers and Tiga.

Featuring tracks from Ravell, Green Velvet & Mihalis Safras, Party Favor and more, iEDM selected our favorite new tracks with a wide variety for you to enjoy.

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1. Blessed - The Martinez Brothers & Tiga

The Martinez Brothers and Tiga are out here as they delivered a banger that has every Tech House lover "Blessed." Get dressed, get weird and show off your shuffling skills with this catchy beat. "Vibes and they don't even know what's coming next," said Tiga.  



2. Before I Go - Ravell 

"Before I Go" is the flawless work of Ravell and LondonBridge. This ultimate house track will instantly teleport listeners to the dance floor. Get lost in the powerful vocals that you will find in this ultimate house track. Check out Ravell's iEDM interview HERE.



3. Running To You- SLANDER & Spag Heddy

This brand new single from SLANDER is out "Running To You" is a 5-minute long song that delivers both uncompromising trap/dubstep beats and Elle Vee's euphonious vocal performance.



4. Blame - Party Favor

Party Favor has released multiple chart-topping singles. Now he is delivering, "Blame" which brings his iconic bass-oriented instrumentals, complemented by Naika's emotive vocals. Give this track a listen and get ready for a track full of vibes.




5. Snailephant - Snails

Another grimy sound has arrived. "Snailephant" is a collaboration with Wooli which is out now. Snails is known for his music that has no boundaries and this track represents such a thing. Get ready to break your neck as you will have this track on repeat.




6. Until I Die - Marco Cavax & Oh! Wow 

A track built on UK-garage influenced basslines and twangy synths, complimented by Oh! Wow's stirring vocals. The lyrics of this song are about doing anything for somebody that you know you are really in love with. So give this blend of dance, pop, and catchy toplines song a try.




7. Heavyweight - Hamster 

This talented producer is back with a fresh pop-inspired piece "Heavyweight." This track tells the story of someone who is swimming upstream, set on meeting their goals and making the best of a hard situation.




8. In Love With Nobody - JACKAL 

"In Love With Nobody" is actually a happy track. It comes from the feeling of relief of being independent and having no feelings for anyone. JACKAL had been pretty quiet all year and it seems to all be worth it with the results of this track.




9.  The Only Thing - JAYREEH

"A track that came alive when I was going through a hard time and I felt like everything was trying to hold me back from succeeding but the only thing that was capable of stopping me is myself." said JAYREEH. "The Only Thing" brings that techno sound with a build-up you will love.




10. Alive - Party Favor x Lil Jon (K-JeLik Remix)

K-JeLiK drops a filthy remix of "Alive."  Dare to download this free track and brace yourself with this heavy drop that delivers pure happiness to all the heavy track lovers.

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about the writer

Cris Chavez

Cris Chavez

Read More...Cris Chavez's first festival was EDC Las Vegas 2013 and since then, he been passionate about the music and scene. He is a resident of Tulsa, Oklahoma who enjoys running half marathons and traveling.

His favorite artists are Kaskade, Above & Beyond, The Martinez Brothers, Gorgon City, Bryan Kearney, Seven Lions and Grum.

His favorite festivals are Middlelands, EDC, Ultra and Dancefestopia.

Find him at a festival near you grooving the night away and getting lost in a Kaskade set!

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