10 Rave Styles For 90s Kids

| March 07, 2022

Catapult back to your childhood with iEDM's collection of retro ravewear. iEDM has created some stellar drip that will transport you straight back to the 90s. The best way to embrace your childhood nostalgia is by rocking iEDM's vivid and comfortable 90 Kids Collection. Get ready to go back in time with these iconic 90s-inspired prints.


Check out iEDM's favorite styles from the 90s Kids Collection below!  



Missing Pieces Men's Tank

If you loved playing with Lego as a child, then the Missing Pieces Tank is for you. Those iconic bricks are printed all over in a blend of reds and whites. Show off your build in this awesome tank. 


Buy iEDM's Missing Pieces Men's Tank HERE!



Tempest Crop Top

Crayola crayons mark the memories of our childhood. Look colorful in the Tempest Crop Top. Featuring all the colors of the rainbow, this print looks fun with the dripping colors and intentional stains. This top is as bright as your personality.


Buy iEDM's Tempest Crop Top HERE!



90s Filtered Muscle Tank

Remember the disposable Jazz cups from the 90s? At iEDM, you can find that dope meme-worthy print on a variety of clothing items. The 90s Filtered Muscle Tank features that blue and purple crayon design with stunning detail. Satisfy your thirst with this tank.


90S Filtered Men's Muscle Tank HERE!



Level Up Mushroom Drop Cut T-Shirt

Everything about the Mario Kart franchise holds a special place in our hearts. Relive your childhood with the Level Up Mushroom Drop Cut T-Shirt. The epic 1UP symbol is wrapped in neon lights on the front and back of this black drop-cut tee. This T-shirt is a must-buy.


Buy iEDM's Level Up Mushroom Drop Cut T-Shirt HERE! 



Leopard Spots Booty Shorts

We all had our favorite Lisa Frank notebooks as little ones. The Leopard Spots Booty Shorts share that neon animal print. These colorful cheetah-printed shorts are sure to turn heads.


Buy iEDM's Leopard Spots Booty Shorts HERE!



Rainbow Tiger Stripes High-Waisted Shorts

One of the best things from our childhood was Fruit Stripes gum. The pattern was killer and the gum was super sweet. The Rainbow Tiger Stripes High-Wasted Shorts are decorated with a similar pastel tiger pattern. These shorts look as sweet as Fruit Stripes gum.


Buy iEDM's Rainbow Tiger Stripes High-Waisted Shorts HERE!



Furbex Weekend Shorts

Furby was one of the coolest toys of the 90s and now you can rock a print with the furry character. The Furbex Weekend Shorts feature the fun critter over a 90s-inspired purple and black backdrop. These will sell out fast for sure. 


Buy iEDM's Furbex Weekend Shorts HERE!



Doodle Ohm Leggings

Were you ever tempted to buy those color-changing makers that were constantly advertised on TV throughout our childhood? The Doodle Ohm Leggings have that sick magic marker design but with an EDC feel to them. It doesn't get any better than that.


Buy iEDM's Doodle Ohm Leggings HERE!



90s Kid Slime Splatter

Let's be real, we're all suckers for Nickelodeon cartoons. Rock the 90s Kid Slime Spatter Crop Top and its stunning green, purple and orange colorway. The color splatter makes you feel like a contestant on Slime Time Live


Buy iEDM's 90s Kid Slime Splatter Crop Top HERE!



Waffles Hoodie

Stranger Things reminded us just how much we loved Eggo waffles as kids. Make everyday Throwback Thursday with our Waffles Hoodie. This delicious-looking unisex hoodie features the breakfast essential colored with nice aqua blues and bright pinks. You won't want to let go of this hoodie.


Buy iEDM's Waffles Hoodie HERE! 



Gear up for festival season with iEDM apparel and accessories. Check out the latest rave wear arrivals HERE!


For more retro looks, check out iEDM's entire 90s Kids Collection HERE!

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