10 Women's Festival Outfit Ideas For EDC Las Vegas 2020

| May 06, 2019

Music festivals are a place of freedom to wear whatever you want, however you want. You can express that inner being that may not get out in everyday life. You can unleash your spirit animal, wear rainbows of your favorite colors, and don’t forget the glitter!

Electric Daisy Carnival has been in the game since the early 90s, giving it significance in the evolution of rave wear.

Here are 10 outfits from iEDM for EDC 2020 that show off new age styles, and also the creative, spiritual, and fun-loving side that you can't always project in "real life."

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10. Lace Up Shoulder Top & Shorts Combo 

Look hot and stay cool in this mesh crop top outfit combo! This cute rave outfit comes in white, black and silver. All that is missing is your favorite pair of pasties. The lace up is a cute feature that make this two piece set a winner. 

Get your Lace Up Combo HERE. 



9. Holographic Keyhole Top & High Waist Shorts 

This holographic two piece combo is perfect to show off that EDC body you've been working towards, plus the high waist shorts will tuck in all the right places. Sparkle and shine under the electric sky in this adorable outfit set that is also available in purple. 

Get your Holographic Keyhole Top & Shorts Combo HERE



8. Mesh Gypsy Top

This mesh gypsy top will be your new favorite short to dance in. The sleeves will flow to the music and create an entrancing scene anywhere you groove. Pair it with some custom pasties and your favorite booty shorts and you are ready to go. 

Buy your Mesh Gypsy Top HERE in white or black. 



7. Stretch Sequin Bodysuit

This high cut sequin bodysuit is all you'll need to be ready for a night of dancing under the electric sky. The sequins will shimmer in the lights, and the best part is that it's stretchy allowing lots of booty shaking on the dance floor. 

Choose your color in this Sequin Bodysuit HERE



6. Sequin Embroidered Bodysuit

Available in white, rose and purple, this rave romper is a go to for any festival. The sequin lined pattern is super comfortable, and just the right amount of flare to make this outfit stand out on the dance floor. 

Choose your color in this Sequin Embroidered Bodysuit HERE



5. Diamond Halter Top & High Waist Combo 

This is a match made in heaven! The holographic two piece has that oil slick look and will match just about any rave accessories you decide to pair with! The Vegas heat is no joke, so you will stay cool with this mesh outfit combo. 

Pick your Diamond Halter Top & Shorts Combo HERE in black or white opal. 



4. Lace-Up Tie Dye Velvet Bodysuit 

Velvet is a fun material to wear because it's so soft. This green tue-dye pick is so cute and one of our personal favorite rave rompers because we love the lace up part in the front and the hood. 

Find your size in the Lace-Up Velvet Tie-Dye Bodysuit HERE



3. Ombre Fringe Top & High Waist Combo 

This outfit combo will be so fun to move to the beat in because the little fringe around your hips will dance to the music and around your shoulders too! This adorable two piece rave outfit comes in cotton kandi, black + teal, and creamsicle. 

Choose your favorite color combo of this Ombre Outfit HERE. 



2. Lace Up Gypsy Sleeve Bodysuit 

This mesh gypsy sleeve rave romper is a customer favorite. It comes in several other color combos, but we love the teal! The lace up front is a sexy look and the long mesh sleeve will move while you dance. 

Buy your Lace Up Gypsy Romper HERE. 



1. Strap Top & V-Strap Shorts Combo 

The Vegas heat is no joke, so you'll want to stay cool and look hot. Our solution? Wear as little as possible. This two piece combo has cut outs in just the right places and comes in purple, pink, rainbow splash, perblue sparkle and more! 

Choose your favorite color in this sexy two piece Strappy Rave Outfit HERE



Don't forget to accessorize with your favorite rave eye wearglow gear, and your favorite flow toys. EDM clothes are meant to be fun and expressive, so don't be afraid to dress as a clown, a butterfly, or whatever your heart desires. Browse more Women's Rave Wear HERE for more inspirations. 


Check out the iEDM EDC Collection HERE for more ideas for your perfect EDC outfit! 


Browse 10 Rave Wear Essentials for EDC 2019 HERE

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