5 Tips For Flying To A Camping Festival

| January 22, 2018

Festival line ups are being dropped left and right, so it's time to let the planning begin. With so many incredible events across the country, it can be hard to decide which ones to attend. If you need help choosing, check out 10 Festivals To Look Forward To In 2018 HERE

Driving to a camping festival is always the most ideal situation so you can pack all your gear and all those just-in-case items. But not everyone lives in a convenient place to drive to our favorite events, so flying is the only option.

Don't let that stop you though, because with careful and thoughtful packing, you can fly into any event with your festival essentials. Make a list and expect to check some luggage. After flying to a few events, you may even decide you prefer it because you won't have to drive an exhausting car ride home. 

Here are 5 tips for flying into camping festival: 


1. Pre-arrange your sleeping arrangements 

You probably figured this out as you went from festival novice to festival pro, but there's nothing worse than not having comfortable sleeping arrangements at a multiday camping festival.

If you have friends driving to the event, see if you can throw a tent in their car, or see if their tent is big enough for you to stay in too. 

If that isn't an option, find out if the event has trees and opt for a hammock. Hammocks are a comfortable option, however not all festival grounds can accommodate. 

The last option is to pay a little extra to check your tent. If you purchase a tent that comes in a convenient travel bag, the airline can easily accommodate checking your tent. Don't forget to label it with your name, phone number and address like you would for any other checked luggage. 


2. Don't forget your blanket 


Flying to an event, it can be easy to pack your rave wear and completely forget about the important things like a pillow and blanket. You won't be able to bring your super plush comforter, so opt for a warm festival blanket. 

When packing, try rolling it up like a sleeping bag and putting in your suitcase first, because if you have to take out items that won't fit, your blanket should not be one of them. 

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3. Pack light, but bring layers 

We know you will plan out your perfect rave outfit, but the reality is that you still need to bring those hoodies and joggers to throw on when it's cold. 

Even festivals that take place in Florida (like Okeechobee) will reach temps at night requiring you to throw on your favorite festival hoodie.

Check the weather before you go and take those lows and highs into consideration. You may need t-shirts and shorts, but Spring season events you will need those joggers and zip up hoodies too. 

Check out our 10 Favorite Zip-Up Hoodies For Layering HERE



4. Pre-Arrange how you're getting from the airport to the festival 

There are several options. You can hop in a car (or maybe even an RV!) with friends traveling to the event, which is obviously most ideal. 

You can rent your own car, in which case we recommend opting for a van or something large enough to sleep in. If you are flying in with some friends, splitting rental car costs will be low with some research ahead of time on travel sites like Hotwire. 

You can take the festival shuttle. Most large scale festivals will have a shuttle option for an extra fee from the largest international airport. Do your research and figure out where you should fly into and when the shuttle leaves / comes back so you can base your flights around that. This is a fun option because by the end of the shuttle ride, you will have a whole new group of other festival travelers too! 

You can pre-arrange a ride share. Large festivals have facebook groups where you can meet other festival-goers and put out feelers for ride shares. This option obviously is not the safest because you are relying on a random person on the internet, however I know tons of people who have had success with this. Just be cautious, let others know your travel plans, and get to know the person before committing to riding with them. 

Pro Tip: Have a back up plan just in case any of these fall through! 



5. Don't forget your hyrdration pack 


You won't be flying with a case of water, so don't forget your hydration pack so you can easily carry water and your belongings around the festival. Hydration backpacks are a festival essential that makes it easy for you to stay hydrated. 

You can easily refill the water pouch all weekend long, just don't forget to empty it before going through airport security. 

Read why Hydration Packs Are A Festival Must-Have HERE

You will probably be traveling with several other bags, but a hydration backpack is small enough to fit inside your suitcase or to use as your personal item on any airline. 


Don't be afraid to go out of your comfort zone and book that flight for that dream festival that is across the country. Even if you don't know anyone going, with options like a festival shuttle, you will have a new squad in no time. 

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Lacy Bursick

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