5 Ugly Christmas Sweaters To Rock All Season Long

Not Just A Regular Ugly Christmas Sweater, A Cool Ugly Christmas Sweater
| November 24, 2016

Don't get me wrong, we all love Thanksgiving- but the second the clock hits 12 and Thanksgiving is over, we all immediately dash to turn on 'Jingle Bells,' brew some hot cocoa and turn on those classic Christmas movies that we've seen one too many times (*cough cough Elf*) but still love them regardless. 

I don't know about you guys but the second it becomes December 1st, you will be damn sure that this will be me: 

As excited as we are however, we cannot carry out these holiday festivities without the proper and ever so timeless ugly Christmas sweater. It's merely tradition, and it just wouldn't be the same without them. 

So we've decided to take your average ugly Christmas sweater and give it a little bit of a unique twist- you can thank us when your sweater makes you stand out at the your office holiday party/ugly Christmas sweater parties, any shows/fests you may be making your way on over to or even if you decide to just in the streets to spread some holiday cheer.


1) All I Want For Christmas Is Harambe

RIP Sweet Prince, it's safe to say that none of us will never forget Harambe nor will we ever be able to get over his death. Even when the elections rolled around last week, there were literally 11,000 people that voted the "other" category and listed "Harambe" as their choice for president. I'm just gonna let that one sink in however it may.

We all want our beloved Harambe back and he's all that anyone ever seems to be talking about. However, when you're making your Christmas wishes, please do not forget that bringing Harambe back to life is not an option *tear tear*- but at least you have this sweater you can wear in his memory.


2) I Know When Those Sleigh Bells Ring

Who could possibly forget the song that took the nation by storm (and no, we're not talking about Levels by Avicii)- we're talking about Hotline Bling by Drake, which was released last year and is notorious for its very interesting music video. 

There have been parodies left and right made of this video, and now you, your pals and your family can make your own parody. Just order a bunch of these, get that Christmas ~aesthetic~ going on in the background, and whip out those moves.


3) Netflix & Chill?

If you're like me, you're probably going to be spending your holiday season bundled up in 55 blankets (basically a human burrito but made out of blankets), watching copious amounts of Netflix and splurging out on holiday cookies as you gaze out the window contemplating how single you are. Netflix & Chill by myself all day every day, am I right guys?

No worries, although you may be Netflix & Chill-ing all by your lonesome, at least you have this cozy sweater to keep you warm even when there isn't a bae there to do it for you. And as if this sweater is not enough, there's also a matching blanket! So essentially, you're set for this holiday season.


4) Pizza Is Bae- End Of Story.

I mean, the title says it all folks. Pizza is forever the love of our lives. Forget the presents under the tree and forget the Christmas cookies and milk, because all we want from Santa this year is pizza- and lots of it.

Take our man Justin Martin's word for it- a firm believer that pizza is the only love that we need in this world. So get yourself a sweater that proves exactly so!


5) It's-A Me, Santa!

Now if you wanna keep it simple, yet effective in the ugly Christmas sweater department, then this sweater is definitely the move. It makes a statement while at the same time spreading that Christmas cheer- Mario style!

This nifty little sweater features the classic characters from Super Mario that'll bring back that nostalgia of waking up early in the morning on weekends to cozy up and shred your competitors in a game of Super Mario. Forget the sleigh, and grab a kart instead!

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