Bonnaroo Music And Arts Festival 2017 Review

| June 14, 2017

The arch is different each year, engraving unique memories as you walk through it to a world so unlike the one outside of it. All of the judgment, life stress, and negativity is left behind. Here, you feel a different type of free.

Bonnaroovians come from all over the globe to attend the annual music and arts festival. Some produce music and creative items such as clothes, accessories, art pieces, and much more, but all of them came to get down to the epic line music lineup  at Great Stage Park in Manchester, Tennessee.

The vibe was happy, incredible art grabbed your attention, staff was friendly, and food offered a wide variety to choose from. The production was a top notch show, and performances were nothing less than magnificent. 

Festie goers went all out with their outfits. We saw a lot of creative clothing, much of which came from iEDM. The experience as a whole was more than enjoyable.


This year's line up was incredibly diverse

Legendary acts as U2 and The Red Hot Chili Peppers were headliners everyone can recognize. Other great acts were Cage The Elephant, The Weeknd, Lorde, Tove Lo and The XX to EDM act like Flume, Major Lazer, Crystal Castles, Claude VonStroke, Herobust, Rezz, Borgore, Illenium and many more. Every artist came through to give us an unforgettable experience.  



Illenium Family Photo Credit: Adam Oliver 


The campgrounds were half of the fun

It’s easy to get lost at a camping festival, but Bonnaroo makes it easy to find your way back to camp by placing huge balloons above each section with your pod color and number. Each pod was different. Some had stages built for after hours with art installations and others had vendors from around the world.

I met many different people, from all over the world just by taking a stroll through the campsites. A lot of walking is necessary to get from one pod to the other or simply in to the venue, but pedicabs were there to save the day when a break was needed. 


Once you got to Centeroo all of the walking was worth it 

Phones worked the entire time so it was easy to meet up with your friends if you got separated. The arch, Bonnaroo’s signature art installation, was shimmering during the day and glowing at night. When walking in, you were within close proximity of food, vendors, activities, and of course a stage. 

Walking through Roo, its easy to come across vendors selling their creations, work shops, classes, guided yoga every hour, art activities and installations, and a variety of food to choose from. There was Asian cuisine, cajun, southern style, gourmet, and even vegetarian/vegan options.


Photo Credit: BACARDÍ Presents The Oasis Mixed 


With over 10 stages to choose from, there was never a dull moment

Bacardi sponsored an Oasis area, where you could chill out and sip from a coconut, or take your shoes off and play some volley ball. When no one was playing at the stage there, you had a superb view of The Other tent and could hear the music perfectly. It was good for getting away from the crowd for a breather.

The heat was bearable throughout the day because of the trees and stage tents providing many shady places to sit, the Big Ass Water Slide, and the trippy mushroom fountain, which doubled as a great place to meet your friends because of its central location and it lit up at night.



Photo Credit: Adam Oliver 


When the sun went down, the light shows began

The Bonnaroo arch would glow and the Ferris Wheel would dance different colors right next to an enormous disco ball, giving it a festive and groovy feel. The stage graphics varied by artist, and were all so hypnotizing.

Glowing totems, LED rave wear, and bright flow toys lit the land while lasers, projectors, and lights of the entire color spectrum lit the sky. Beautiful moments were shared constantly, with the perfect lighting, best of vibes, and the music that brought everyone together.  

The silent disco provided enough room for all of the festie goers that still want to get their groove on until 4am, but after that, Snake & Jakes Christmas Club Barn would keep you going until 6am and stages in the campground never stopped.


The people are what make Bonnaroo an incredible experience every single time. A simple smile can make such a difference in someone’s night. Compliments were flying, hugs were free, the creativity was flowing, and the good times were rolling.

A big thanks goes to all of you in the EDM community who bring the best vibes and make event such as Bonnaroo so phenomenal. We can’t wait to see you all there next year June 7-10. Mark your calendars!

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Kylie de la Bruyere

Kylie de la Bruyere

Read More...Kylie is an Atlanta based writer with an incurable wanderlust. She found her way to EDM music at very early age when her parents would play their Florida breaks techno and amuse her with flow toys in the living room.

Ultra Miami 2015 was her first music festival, and she has been to over 15 more since. Her favorite EDM artists are Bassnectar, Purity Ring, Flume, Griz, and RL Grime. She is currently pursuing a B.S. in marketing with a focus in entertainment. Future plans include living, loving, and creating.

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