EDM Takes Over Commercials

| August 06, 2016

At every major festival, if you take a look around you’ll notice a common theme, there’s always corporate sponsors. Just like the promoters handing out fliers for the next festival when you walk through the exit, they’re marketing.

Commercial advertisement in festivals is huge because EDM is so mainstream right now. Appealing to your audience is half the battle, which is why companies have taken to adding EDM and DJs in their commercials.

Music has a huge impact on people and they realize that. A good song will automatically put you in a good mood and make you want to get up and dance.

Here are 5 commercials that feature EDM hits that we love:

5. Party Favor - Truth: Anti Smoking

This is one of those commercials that hits you with everything you’ve wanted and more. The best part is they are not trying to sell anything concrete except a smoke free life. The first time I saw this not only was I excited to hear a Party Favor track on TV but this video made me want to start smoking just so I could quit and say the commercial inspired me to do it. To have an EDM track also featured on television associated with a good message is definitely a step in the right direction for our genre.


4. Diplo - Zumba


This first time this commercial aired, I’m pretty positive everyone had the same WTF reaction. After the initial shock wears off, the second time you watched it you probably realized how awesome it was.

It depicts people who are normally stuffy and uptight breaking free from their everyday life to let loose. While it’s supposed to be advertising for Zumba, a workout that consists of dancing, it’s pretty spot on for advertising EDM culture. We may not get to break free and let loose at our jobs everyday but once we walk through those festival gates and hear that one song we’re free to frolic without a care.


3. Martin Garrix and Tiesto - 7UP

This one is a huge indicator of just how mainstream EDM has become. While most commercials are mainly based around the product, for obvious reasons, this one is not.

If anything this looks more like product placement in a music video. With the rise of EDM popularity, it’s no wonder that the commercial spends most of the time focused on Martin Garrix and Tiesto.

2. Avicii - Bud Light

In 2012, Avicii was featured in the Bud Light commercial during the Super Bowl. With EDM on the rise, having the track along with the cameo by Avicii was able to reach new volumes of people.

The Super Bowl is known for having epic commercials so to feature an EDM track was a huge step for the genre of music. 'Levels' was one of the earlier songs to become mainstream. Following the success of this commercial, Bud Light continued to add in other DJ tracks in their commercials including both Afrojack and Zedd

1. A-Trak and Milo & Otis - Mountain dew

Mountain Dew Kickstart is essentially an energy drink you’re supposed to drink for breakfast to “kick start” your day. The correlation between EDM and an energy drink is no secret, they both make you want to get up and move.

It’s no surprise they chose to throw in a song to show just how much energy the drink will give you. The video itself is a little over the top but it also gives off the perfect vibe of energy.

Continued Growth

And it's not just in commercials. You can find it on movie soundtracks and even at the Olympics. That's right, this year's opening ceremony of the Olympics featured a track by Bassnectar. We can only expect EDM to continue to take over mainstream media. 

Some may say they prefer the underground, but thanks to the internet, there are still tons of underground producers waiting for you to stumble upon. As for the EDM take over, we are excited. I mean seriously, we all love walking into a bar or restaurant and hearing EDM blaring from the speakers.


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