[EXCLUSIVE] NERVO Twins Talk Motherhood & New Single "Worlds Collide" in iEDM Interview

| July 03, 2019

The NERVO sisters have had quite the year with BOTH Liv and Mim giving birth, however their careers haven't slowed down at all.

The Australian sister duo has been on fire for the past decade and plan on continuously pushing forward and stretching the boundaries.

iEDM had the opportunity to talk to the sisters about motherhood, their newest single, "Worlds Collide" and what the future holds. 


iEDM: As some of the highest paid female DJs, what suggestions do you have for women trying to get into the music industry?

NERVO: Work on your music. Don’t expect an easy ride because this business is tough BUT when things DO click it is super rewarding so keep at it. There are so many perks that we never expected- like the travel, the days off in random places like Croatia or Punta Del Este or Cambodia, the different friends we make from all around the world, the different foods we get to sample, the cultures we get to see/experience.

Being a woman in the industry dominated by males isn’t easy but stick to it and you will succeed! And besides, it's all the more rewarding when you have to work hard to get something you believe in. 

iEDM: You have often talked about The Prodigy being your first rave. How do you think electronic music has affected music culture worldwide since then? What do you hope it will cultivate for future generations? 

NERVO: I think we are constantly pushing ourselves and evolving with our music.  We love artists that aren't restricted by genres. Dance music has always embraced individuality - just look at how many sub genres there are, Bass, House, Techno, Trance etc. etc.. We always think our most recent record we’ve written and produced is the best thing we’ve ever done because it’s different from the other records we’ve worked on and released. Sometimes the fans or record labels like what we do, and sometimes they don’t. But it’s nice to keep trying and to feel inspired. Being in the studio is like no other feeling, it’s our spiritual place where we feel at home. If people can feel something special when they listen to our tunes - that’s what matters to us!  


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This Mother's Day we want to take a minute to salute our every day hero's - our mums! With Mim having had her first child in February and Liv about to pop (this week!), it has taken on a whole new meaning. We've felt first hand the strength that is required, the loyalty that it calls on and the sacrifice it takes. It's no easy job and no journey is the same! Liv was struck a harsh blow in her final trimester and will now be raising her baby on her own. We are overwhelmed at how wonderful the human spirit is with so many loved ones gathering around to keep her focused through these changes. We'll be sharing parts of this journey on our socials and any advice is of course welcome as we will both be doing our best to fly the flag for working mums. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all the warriors out there (including the one's who are quietly petrified - we got this!) 💪👯‍♀❤💃👸🤰🤱👩‍👦👩‍👧👩‍👧‍👦👩‍👦‍👦👩‍👧‍👧👼📸 @jessmiddletonphoto

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iEDM: At the beginning of the year, you announced both your pregnancies. Did you plan embarking on this journey together or was it simply synchronistic? 

NERVO: It was never a dream to have kids at the same time but we found ourselves in long term relationships and we would collectively speak a lot about starting a family/families. Our mum would tell us "it's never a good time to get pregnant" (bc it's such a disruption) and we know a lot of people who struggle to conceive so we thought it would take longer but we were super lucky and both conceived quite easily. The babies are only a couple of months apart so they’re almost like twins (in a cousin type of way). We have loved growing up together as twins so really hoping our kids will share a similar bond to ours. 

iEDM: Touring doesn't look like it's slowing down despite both of you giving birth this year. How are you ladies staying on top of motherhood and your careers?

NERVO: Motherhood has taught us to prioritize better. I think we have actually become more productive. Who knew! Being a mother has turned out to be one of the most rewarding “jobs." Our little girls bring so much joy to our lives. Their noises, their little faces, the way they cuddle, the way they learn something new each day. It really is a beautiful thing. As far as the future goes, we are just going to keep on keeping on. We are still making music and touring and plan to continue doing so. The pace is a little slower - we might not accept a double up show - but all-in-all, our lives just feel more enriched. 

iEDM: Let's talk about your newest single that came out June 28th "Worlds Collide." Tell us about your process, inspiration and execution. 

NERVO: We've had a great year getting to know VNL (Volleyball Nations League) and were honored when they asked us to be their brand ambassadors and to write their theme song. The song is about people coming together for the better, worlds colliding. It's kind of what music and sport does right?!


iEDM: What are you hoping to convey to your fans with your new single?

NERVO: Unity! We think the VNL has done a great job of uniting Nations and really bringing athletes and music together. We really hope the song connects with people all over the world!

iEDM: Lastly, I'm sure 2019 has been an eventful year to say the least. What does the future hold for the Nervo family? Any newly surfacing goals or anticipated projects?

NERVO: We have quite a few upcoming releases that we were working very hard on right now.  We have our residencies and we’re loving throwing our NERVOnation parties around the world which will definitely carry over into next year, along with a whole lot of festivals which were super stoked about. On a personal level, we have toured some amazing places around the world and are still visiting places we have never been before. The gigs are great!  We have new families now so that is all part of our life now.  Of course it would be nice to win a Grammy, have 10 number 1’s but all in all we’re having a great time and feel very lucky to do music for a living and continue that run into 2019 and beyond!

Thank you for the continued support we truly appreciate it NERVO Nation!



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