[FESTIVAL REVIEW] Splash House Weekend 2: Sun-Soaked In A House Paradise

Splash House

| August 18, 2023

This past weekend the sunny skies in Palm Springs, California were beaming bright on attendees enjoying the heat and groovy beats at the popular summer festival Splash House. The California pool-side dance party marked its second phase of performances on August 11th-13th. With the vibes being at the ultimate all-time high, we were all ready to celebrate the 10th anniversary and commemorating the official Splash House Day within the city of Palm Springs. 

As the three-weekend festival series continues to dominate house music, day pool parties took place at immersive hotel venues – RenaissanceSaguaro, and Margaritaville. The excitement was in the air as returning Splash Lovers walked the colorful halls of Saguaro hotel. Big names were playing besides the pool with waterproof decks (we hope)!

The buzz of another epic lineup of household names was in the air, performing under the sun by day and dazzling after-hours acts at the Palm Springs Air Museum by night. We came back to join the party during Weekend 2, where the poolside beats were absolutely electrifying, becoming the center of this desert house paradise that your rave fam can't resist missing out on. 

Felix Da HousecatThe first day of Splash House welcomed the heat with scorching temperatures and some waking up from the afterparty at the tarmac. Over at the Renaissance stage, Arizona producer Peachy Keen was starting the commotion as the pool vibrated along with the beats from the speaker. Meanwhile, at Margaritaville dance party central was happening with attendees swaying to the funky disco tunes from Los Angeles native Veggi as he played his disco-house set.

The stages across the venues were fueled with house beats and tropical funk, as Felix da Housecat displayed his legendary summer bash heat with his energy driven set, including his party anthem “Sinner Man.”

The crowd was digging his heavenly house fever, with his artistic vision creating a spectacle of trance-inducing summer house.

Prominent artist Aluna had us BEGGIN' BEGGIN' for more as she rode the splash wave with a fire act, incorporating her original vocals. The performance was grooving side to side as the party animals fueled on drinks and splashed into the pools to cool off from the unbeatable heat.

UK master Sam Divine hailed her European talents on the decks and had the crowed waving as she lit up the dance floor. The energy from her music was undeniable as people flocked to the front of the stage.

As the sun set, the anticipation for the hyped act of the night was GRAMMY-winning producer CID. The night sky lit up with neon colors from strobes lights, effects from the smoke machine, and blasting party remixes.

The atmosphere turned darker and the party continued for the final afters at the Palm Spring Air Museum, where attendees could easily grab a shuttle to from their hotels. The stage at Air Museum played anthems from hit artists Femme A, MZ Worthy, and Maya Jane Coles, ending this summer bash with their energy driven acts.  

Splash HouseAs we welcomed the Sunday splashies for the final round, Splash House attendees rose to another day in house paradise. The day began with a switch of a swimsuit and extra sunscreen for this blazing day and we were off. The Renaissance stage was booming bright with opening act from the talented Lov3less at full effect.

The Margaritaville stage had epic duo BRKLYN ignite the vibe with their funky rhythm that radiates live instruments and cinematic drums. The crowd was jamming to the remixes of the duos top songs as a sparkling disco ball shined above the decks. We were left in a party daze after they truly “brought the vibe up in here” at the resort, as their famous track quotes.





The extravaganza continued to radiate the island getaway paradise we all need decorated with green plants and shining disco balls hanging around the pool. The Margaritaville stage was set for a deep house set by talented Lucati. The level was cranked up as the pool party began to literally splash like crazy along with the sensual vibrations.

With his wave of energetic house vibe, the set was the most epic from the weekend as fans clacked. Many people headed on the complementary shuttle on their way to finish the weekend at the Renaissance and Margaritaville hotel for the big finale and to save a good spot for the show. 

Splash HouseThe sun was set perfectly as Australian legend Wax Motif took stage at Margaritaville with giraffe floaties being lifted in the air. There was clear anticipation for his party anthems by many attendees, as they hooted to the whistle sounds and danced with one another. The crowds went wild as they broke down into shuffling battles and sang along to his known tracks. This stage lit up with color as the sun went down, and the party mode cranked up a notch.

On the other side of our little house paradise was a hypnotic set by producer LP Giobbi at Saguaro as she glowed with positivity. Taking center-stage, the soulful melodic rhythm she carries with her piano live set incites infectious dance moves. You can't help but feel the music is transporting you to the ultimate happy place with the best music. 

LP GolbiiSplash House is the perfect summer getaway that everyone should escape too, and we would hate to see any music lover miss out on the last weekend of Splash House! Be on the lookout for updates from iEDM and secure your spot at this one-of-a-kind experience HERE! 

Photos Courtesy of Splash House // Blake Daryaie, Gabriella Hughe, Carlo Cavaluzzi, and  Kirby Gladstein


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