[INTERVIEW] Relentless Beats Founder Thomas Turner Talks Decadence Arizona 2021

| December 09, 2021

In the past 20 years, Arizona's EDM scene has erupted, attracting ravers around the country to experience what Relentless Beats has to offer. Relentless Beats curates Arizona's ethereal festivals like Goldrush and Phoenix Lights, and year-round concerts at clubs in Tempe and Albuquerque. With Decadence Arizona just weeks away, Relentless Beats founder Thomas Turner shares his inspiration for the New Year's Eve celebration, Relentless Beats, and what is next for Arizona's EDM scene.  


Check out iEDM's exclusive interview with Thomas Turner below.



iEDM: What can fans expect at Decadence AZ 2021?

Turner: I'm excited to say that this year's Decadence will be the best event we have ever produced. While I say that often, I mean it.


iEDM: How does Decadence AZ 2021 differ from previous years?

Thomas Turner: First of all, we moved the event to a new space without the dirt and mud issues of the past. Also, our main stage for many years is now shifting to our 2nd stage, so that's a significant improvement. We are also building a massive production in the superstructure. Decadence Arizona will be hosting more VIP guests than ever before in environments that will be the best we have ever created.


iEDM: Which artists are you most excited to watch perform on NYE?

Thomas Turner: So many big acts are coming to Decadence over the two days, but the biggest star in the room on NYE will be Shaquille O'Neal, a.k.a. DJ Diesel. Of course, Excision, Marshmello, Dillon Francis, and FISHER will be big sets.


iEDM: What was the inspiration for Decadence Festival?

Thomas Turner: The inspiration comes from my desire to host the most decadent end of year celebration in my hometown. Relentless Beats has this massive community that we are so blessed to have attending our events all year, coming together for an actual "save the best for last" send-off to the year and grand entrance into a new year.




iEDM: What is your personal history with EDM music?

Thomas Turner: I fell in love with dance music in the 90's and have been producing electronic music gatherings ever since.


iEDM: Are you motivated to throw events in locations other than Arizona?

Thomas Turner: Absolutely. We have some extraordinary revelations in store that I cannot mention, but they will be groundbreaking.


iEDM: What was the inspiration behind Relentless Beats?

Thomas Turner: Relentless Beats is a name I came up with to attach to myself when I began deejaying in the 90s. Ultimately, it became the brand I would produce events under, and finally, the brand that so many amazing people now support week in and week out.


iEDM: What is next for Arizona’s EDM scene?

Thomas Turner: More growth, seemingly. As generations come of age, they are ready to experience live electronic dance music entertainment, and it looks like the trend is here to stay.


iEDM: What does Relentless Beats have in store for 2022?

Thomas Turner: We have Crush, Phoenix Lights, a spring concert series, and Goldrush planned for 2022.


Photo Credit: Luis Colato


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