[INTERVIEW] Space Wizard Shares The Space Odyssey Mix Volume #1, Unreleased IDs, + More Ahead of North Coast Festival 2022

| August 21, 2022

Space Wizard, surfacing from Denver, Colorado with a deep, drippy dubstep sound incorporates extraterrestrial motifs while storytelling in his EPs. Exemplifying his moniker, Space Wizard freestyles his live sets spellbinding crowds from WAKAAN Festival, HARD Summer, Bass Canyon, and now, this year's North Coast Music Festival. This wizard has remained a mystery while experimenting with his vibrating dubstep style enchanting a stimulating bodily experience beyond solely a sonic experience. iEDM asked the secrets to the inspiration behind The Space Odyssey Mix Volume #1 for Headbang Society, production techniques, and goals for Space Wizard's music career. 

Read iEDM's exclusive interview with Space Wizard below. 


iEDM: Do you perceive music production as a process of constantly challenging your own production methods while expanding and refining your sound? If so, how would you like to further experiment and refine your sound?

Space Wizard: I think that with music and just art in general, if you aren’t learning then you’re not really creating. I feel like it is impossible to make art without accidentally learning a new technique literally almost anytime you make it. For me, it comes down to the technical side of just simply cleaning up my mixdowns and making everything fit together even better. 

iEDM: Are there IDs that you will never release as full tracks and why? What makes an ID worthy of releasing it as a full track?

Space Wizard: Of course, I think for me anytime I have a forever ID is mostly for three reasons. I forgot to finish it, it’s a bootleg or I have come to despise it.



iEDM: What is your post-performance ritual?

Space Wizard: Wander around the venue and say “hi” to people most of the time. 

iEDM: What can fans expect from your performance at North Coast? What excites you the most about performing at a festival you’ve never performed at before?

Space Wizard: North Coast will definitely be a bit of a more energetic set from me, still will get on the slower and weirder side of things, though, as always. I also am really excited to play simply for the fact that I have never been. I try to look at as little media of previous years as possible so that I go in blind and am surprised by everything from the art on the grounds to the crowd that shows up.


iEDM: Recently, you’ve released The Space Odyssey Mix Volume #1 for Headbang Society, what was the inspiration for the mix from the title to overall sound you were trying to accomplish? What motivated you to stay focused on fulfilling your vision during the production process?

Space Wizard: That mix was quite the labor, haha. There were I think about five songs made specifically for the mix. The title obviously is because I am a massive Kubrick fan and I also think it literally fits the exact definition of the sound I am attempting to achieve. A literal journey through space. Also want to shout out Kreepture and Tomorrowman from South Africa on the art. They absolutely crushed it.


iEDM: Fans are in adoration of your mix, are you planning to release more volumes in the future?

Space Wizard: It will be an annual thing. :)


iEDM: In contrast, what is your creative process or main objective when producing a mix specifically for a festival? How do you differentiate your mixes to be most appropriate for the festival?

Space Wizard: I think I have planned maybe one set in my life and even then I went off the playlist. I generally just have a playlist on my drive of maybe 100 songs I really like and then just play those. I also keep like 800 other songs in another playlist if I get a wild idea on stage. I basically just freestyle with some minor planning.

iEDM: From being featured on many lineups like North Coast, WAKAAN, Summoning Of The Eclipse, and collaborating with artists such as MeSo, what has been your biggest accomplishment so far? What is the milestone you’re most proud of?

Space Wizard: For me, it is really hard to measure success. A long time ago, I literally just wanted to play dubstep for people who also liked dubstep. I started producing in a city where literally no one liked dubstep, so shows just didn’t happen. After I started playing shows and seeing people enjoy themselves, everything else was/is just extra.



iEDM: How would you like to see your career as a DJ/producer evolve? Currently, what are your biggest goals or motivators in your career?

Space Wizard: I just want to continue to make art and tell some stories with it in the future. Basically, every EP I write has some sort of weird lore and story. I want the resources to be able to tell those stories.


iEDM: Do you like to express your emotions when crafting your deep, cerebral sound? If so, what is the track, EP, or mix that holds the most sentimental value to you and why? Or, is producing music a form of escapism that allows you to subside your emotions and create a sound pleasing to the physical senses?

Space Wizard: For me, music is kind of a blanket emotional release for me. Whatever I make somehow helps me mentally in every sense. I could make something chill and all the anger I had pent up would be gone haha.

iEDM: What is next in store for you? Any upcoming releases, collaborations, and tour dates you’re at liberty to share?

Space Wizard: Currently working on some of the biggest projects of my career and doing so many cool shows/festivals. I definitely have one more big thing to share before the end of the year :)


Photos Courtesy of Space Wizard


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