Kill The Buzz Talks Touring Worldwide And Why He Calls His Music Female Friendly in iEDM Exclusive Interview

| April 28, 2017

Breaking into the scene with “Party Hard” being released on Hardwell’s label, Revealed Records, Kill The Buzz has been on the rise non-stop.

Based in the Netherlands, he is now known worldwide for his “female-friendly house sounds with a groovy and party fever twist.” His journey started locally Djing and within a couple of months, his talent was noticed. He took the opportunities that were sent his way, and has grown significantly as an artist since.

He recently just wrapped up Revealed Presents Asian Tour and has for more international shows and even collaborations on the horizon. Not only did he spin a killer mix for iEDM, he also took a few minutes to tell us about all the fun.

iEDM: What was the craziest thing you experienced on the Revealed Presents Asian tour?

Kill The Buzz: I think every show that we did was a crazy experience in a good way! I think personally coming up at the club and having fans who saw me playing at Ultra Korea and now attending the shows at clubs is something that  I'd never expected to happen.

iEDM: How did you make your way to Revealed Recordings?

Kill The Buzz: Hardwell and I have been friends for over a decade. We spent a lot of time together on the road in the Netherlands and I have always supported him as a friend.

After meeting up and becoming friends, we spent quite some time together in the studio listening and writing music.

After years of sitting beside him, hanging out in the studio and writing tracks and ideas together he pushed to produce music for myself.

He gave me tips & tricks and my first few bootlegs went on National Radio. Producing gave me a creative outlet which I've been searching for my entire musical career and after a couple of Bootlegs he wanted to release my first track on Revealed Recordings which went straight into the #1 spot in the DMC World Buzz chart.


iEDM: In 2013, your collaborative track with Joey Suki was broadcasted worldwide. How would you describe the feeling of seeing your work heard by millions?

Kill The Buzz: It's amazing to hear your own tracks being broadcasted worldwide. Even now I'm super proud that the collaboration with Harrison "Once Upon A Time" is hitting the 5 million streams on Spotify!

iEDM: How do you go about planning a track list for your mixes, as the one you did for us?

Kill The Buzz: I just select my favorite tracks of that time and mix them up with new and sometimes unreleased tracks! I want to give the audience that vibe that they can expect when coming to my shows, but without doing the exact same thing! And of course support new talent!

iEDM: What made you want to remix Jason Derulo’s "Want to Want Me?"

Kill The Buzz: I met Jason Derulo in Vegas. He was really laid back and an awesome artist to meet. When the opportunity came to remix ‘Want To Want Me’, I was motivated to remix the track because of him as a person.

iEDM: Why do you say your music is “female friendly”?

Kill The Buzz: I like to think that my music should also be heard by the female audience when they're driving around town or just hanging out. Music is universal and besides making rave tracks for all the male & female ravers around the world I also wanna connect with those who enjoy music in their spare time as a listener.

iEDM: In the future, are you going to focus more on your vocals, rather than the DJ/Producing side of your music?

Kill The Buzz: Definitely. I am a musician by heart and vocals are a great way to tell and share a story through music.

I will always be focusing on making dance music and also the Big Room sound. But I also want to expand my musical journey and hopefully make my way to an even bigger audience by sharing the music & stories that I wanna share.


iEDM: What genres do you see yourself breaking into?

Kill The Buzz: I don't like to put myself into a certain genre since I want to explore a broader sense of music. But I do get more influenced by pop & urban music as well as 90's music.

iEDM: Are you working on anything new at the moment?

Kill The Buzz: I have been working on a remix for Revealed Recordings and a new Collaboration with my brother Hardwell and tons of other projects which are slightly more dance instead of Progressive House or Big Room.

There are even tracks which do not get close to a 128 BPM track, but even 100/110 and some 160. Just to mix things up more so that I can truly broaden my musical journey.

iEDM: What can we expect for the rest of 2017?

Kill The Buzz: New music and lots more vocals!

We have been nothing but amazed by all of your work,  are looking forward to all of the new music and vocals you are planning for. Thank you, Kill The Buzz, for your time and groovy beats! You are such a talented artist and we hope to catch up with you in the future. Listen to his iEDM exclusive mix below.


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