Not Just For Babies: 10 Must Have Adult Onesies

| November 13, 2019

Oh, Onesies. When I was just a little baby you kept me warm and snug through long winter’s naps. Though time has passed us by, we have met again in the form of rave apparel. It seems like an unlikely pairing at first sight, but the judgement free zone of a rave is actually the perfect place to make our old favorite fashion statement of a onesie, a new rave fashion statement. 

Since the originals that we wore in our youth are far too small nowadays, allow us here at iEDM to guide you through the wacky world of grown up onesies. Take your childhood with you into adulthood and step your rave apparel game up in one swoop by checking out our newest guide...

Not Just For Babies: 10 Must Have Adult Onesies:


10.  Lion Color Onesie 

This onesie print is a street art graffiti look mixed with vibrant watercolor. This onesie is perfect for chilling at home watching movies during the cold winter months or raging at a Spring festival when the temperatures start to drop at night.

Buy your Lion Color Onesie HERE.  



9. Cowboy Cat Onesie

I wish we lived in a world you could wear this galactic cat onesie everyday to work.  Alas, we are not that lucky. But that is the beauty of festival season, express yourself no matter how ridiculous. This onesie will melt the faces of everyone on the dance floor and laughing at the hilariously cute cowboy cat riding a rainbow puke shark. 

Get your Cowboy Cat Onesie HERE



8. Lion Galaxy Onesie 

We know that you love rave apparel, but this onesie will quickly become your go to rave outfit because of its comfort and durability. The fierce lion artwork is so enchanting and has a cool celestial vibe. Put your hood up and stay warm dancing until the sunrise. 

Find your Lion Galaxy Onesie HERE



7. Attuned Onesie 

Attune your wardrobe with this vibrant sacred geometry themed onesie. Its all-over colorful design will never fade in the wash because we use a sublimation print technique. This design features all the chakras, so align your style and project a positive vibration. 

Buy your Attuned Onesie HERE. 



6. USA Flag Onesie

Represent the USA in this patriotic pick! It doesn't need to be the 4th of July to show you love this country. Let your stars and stripes shine bright and zip all the way up into a comfortable flag. 

Show your patriotic side in this USA Flag Onesie HERE. 



5. Tiger Onesie 

The rave is your jungle. This colorful Tiger Onesie is one of our top onesie picks because the trippy, watercolor look is festival season favorite. It has a psychedelic vibe, but also very artistic. This design is very unisex and will look great on anyone who wants to be a fierce feline. If Tigers are your spirit animal, you may want to check out the Vivid Tiger Design HERE.

Find your Tiger Onesie size HERE



4. Almighty Pizza Onesie 

Pizza. Thank the Lord for Pizza. Nothing comes close to just how irresistible a pepperoni pizza is. Allow me to introduce you to the Almighty Pizza Onesie: half rave outfit, half pajamas and 100% pizza. 

Buy your Almighty Pizza Onesie HERE. 



3. Dream Waves Onesie

Why be a Guardian of the Galaxy when you could just be the galaxy? This Dream Waves Onesie makes such a feat possible. With all the cool cosmic colors of endless space blending together. Zip this baby all the way up and disappear into the infinite abyss.

Purchase your Dream Waves Onesie HERE



2. Splatter Alien Onesie 

This Splatter Alien Onesie is one of our newest designs and it's perfect for an extraterrestrial themed party or if you and crew decide to have a space babe themed night at Electric Forest. Can you imagine how cool this would look under black lights? 

Buy your Splatter Alien Onesie HERE



1. Suger Skull Onesie

This Suger Skull Onesie is our most popular style. It's a trippy spin on the traditional sugar skull style and would be the perfect rave outfit for Dia De Los Muertes and Cinco De Mayo, not to mention, every single festival you plan to attend this year. Say hello to your new favorite outfit pick. 

Grab your Suger Skull Onesie HERE



Onesies are always in style for their comfort, durability and easy outfit choice. All you have to do is zip up into comfort. Browse our full collection of ONESIES HERE to find your new favorite pajamas and rave outfit all in one. 


Festival season is just around the corner. As your prepare for your festivities, check out the iEDM Festival Season Collection HERE. 

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