Top 10 Eyewear And Other Accessories For Moonrise Festival 2023

John Summit, Moonrise

| July 08, 2023

Elevate your festival fashion game to unprecedented celestial heights at Moonrise Festival 2023 with our top 10 eyewear and other accessories! As the moon illuminates the night sky, you can adorn yourself with stylish and statement-making pieces that will make you radiantly glow.

From futuristic sunglasses that shield your eyes to captivating headwear and high-quality Poi toys, these accessories will transform your festival identity into a cosmic masterpiece. These handpicked selections are designed to supply you with an interstellar flair like no other. 

Check out iEDM's Top 10 Eyewear And Other Accessories For Moonrise Festival 2023 below.


10) Black Kaleidoscope Glasses – Gold Wormhole

Black Kaleidoscope Glasses – Gold Wormhole

Enter an intergalactic void when you put on this special 'gold wormhole' edition of iEDM's Black Kaleidoscope Glasses. Its amazing optical design allows you to maximize the clarity of your vision while still over-stimulating your peripheral. Full visibility through the clear holes on these shades gives you the freedom of more movement and visual adventure.

Check out iEDM's Black Kaleidoscope Glasses – Gold Wormhole HERE!


9) Rave Drip Fanny Pack

Rave Drip Fanny Pack

I attended too many festivals where I have lost something, and it could have easily been avoided. Ensure the safety of your personal items while simultaneously looking fresh with iEDM's Rave Drip Fanny Pack. Each one of our fanny packs encompass multiple storage pockets, adjustable straps, a durable zipper, and a glossy exterior finish.

Check out iEDM's Rave Drip Fanny Pack HERE!

Rave goggles, glasses

8) White Goggles

White Goggles

For all the John Summit diehard fans and groupies out there, these one-of-a-kind goggles are a favorite of the house and techno legend himself. John was thrilled to rock these beauties at Burning Man last year. Now you can take them from the desert to the contrasting alien environment of Moonrise.

Check out iEDM's White Goggles HERE!


7) 3-LED Ion Orbit

3-LED Ion Orbit

Wanting to expand your Poi collection and flow abilities? Well, you have come to the right place! Flow to heavy bass drops and house grooves at Moonrise with this next-generation Ion Orbit. The Lux Chip inside it lets the user select and save their own custom color scheme from over 1,000,000 color combinations and variations, along with enjoying nine versatile mode patterns. Not to mention that the LEDs remain lit for over ten hours and can be swapped out in under a minute.

Check out iEDM's 3-LED Ion Orbit HERE!

3-LED Ion Orbit

6) Galactic Spectrum Bucket Hat

Galactic Spectrum Bucket Hat

This bucket hat immediately radiates an essence of tranquility and sonic exploration through its beholder. Travel across the vast multidimensional universe by adding this unreal top to your collection of rave headwear. Between the alluring blend of neon blue, hot pink, and black, all littered with stars, iEDM's Galactic Spectrum Bucket Hat can be paired with virtually any outfit.

Check out iEDM's Galactic Spectrum Bucket Hat HERE!


5) Galactic Invader Sunglasses Visor

Galactic Invader Sunglasses Visor

Looks as confident and care-free as this raver when you bring iEDM's Galactic Invader Sunglasses Visor to Moonrise. It embodies a sleek frame with a sturdy, built-in nose bridge, joined by an eccentric rainbow gradient mirrored lens. You cannot go wrong with GloFX, who have proved time and time again to have top-notch craftsmanship for their products.

Check out iEDM's Galactic Invader Sunglasses Visor HERE!





4) Galaxy Retina Bandana

Open your eyes to an alternate dimension with just a single glance at this reality-distorting bandana. Silky waves of bright green and yellow circle around a luscious destination in space, featuring an unknown planet. iEDM's team of artists clearly went into their bag to concoct this spectacular graphic.

Check out iEDM's Galaxy Retina Bandana HERE!


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3) 10-Light Premier Assorted Glove Set

10-Light Premier Assorted Glove Set

Another part of our immersive Glow Factory section, this miraculous glove set will have you sending your rave fam on a psychoactive trip! Ultra durable with its own unique diffuser, these illuminating gems come with 10 LED fingertips that range from one to seven colors per bulb. Maximize your experience at Moonrise and have a pair of these on deck at all times.

Check out iEDM's 10-Light Premier Assorted Glove Set HERE!


Moonrise is boasting an incredibly stacked lineup this year… check out our top 10 must-see sets HERE!


2) Customizable Ultimate Kaleidoscope Luminescence Glasses

Customizable Ultimate Kaleidoscope Luminescence Glasses

Typically, when an accessory has a name that is as much of a mouthful as these high-tech shades, it means they have some pretty awesome features. iEDM's Kaleidoscope Effect Glasses enable infinite visual sensations by providing multi-faceted laser cut glass crystals, stainless steel hinges, and high quality frames all in one. Ravers have the option to chose from three different frame colors, two lens types, and six different fluorescent bordering wire colors.

Check out iEDM's Customizable Ultimate Kaleidoscope Luminescence Glasses HERE!


1) Acidnaut Bucket Hat

Acidnaut Bucket Hat

Orbiting in at the number one spot for our meticulously catered Moonrise essentials, iEDM's Acidnaut Bucket Hat is guaranteed to have you showered in compliments. A zenned-out vibrant astronaut has achieved a state of inner peace, as the planets of their solar system revolve. Be the center of your universe by channeling a deep connection to it provided by this fit.

Check out iEDM's Acidnaut Bucket Hat HERE!


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