Top 10 Highlights From Beyond Wonderland 2019

| March 26, 2019

Beyond Wonderland was said to be the most magical one thus far! Fans were very pleased with their experience, even creator Pasquale Rotella shared his thought on Beyond and we agree!

Beyond Wonderland was truly an experience. We fell in love with these top moments from favorite artists like Zhu, Wax Motif and more. If you were able to attend, let the memories live on forever. 

This is what you missed at Beyond Wonderland! 


10. ZHU 

Techno, house, and dark trance producer Zhu brought en entire vibe to Beyond Wonderland and it was needed! If you were looking for a vibe, you should've been at Mad Hatters Castle Saturday. Zhu brought back the classics like Faded, Automatic, and more! 



9. Lil Texas 

King of Texcore closed out Beyond Wonderland at the Caterpillars Garden and its was so EPIC! Lil Texas brought the crowd to 200 BPM and absolutely killed it! Lil Texas played so much unreleased Texcore tracks and brought his son Pancake to rock and roll with him. There is no doubt that Lil Texas set was the most energetic to close out Beyond.



8. SayMyName

SayMyName is next on our lists for best sets and here is why. SayMyName played a crazy diverse set that included tracks from trap, dubstep, happy hardcore, and hardstyle! SayMyName always throws down a heavy set but also played his hit banger Can't Escape which made fans go wild. The God Father of Hard Trap closed out Beyond Day 2!



7. Moksi 

It's time to switch up if you missed Dutch Duo Moksi warming up the festival day 2. These long time best buds turned up the heat main stage at Beyond by dropping some unreleased tracks and also treating us with their latest release On The Block EP. Moksi also threw down some basshouse Hiphop edits which set the tone right.



6. Wax Motif

Wax got us "WET" with his packed out set. Only of you were lucky you were able to make it inside Cheshire Woods day 2 to this maxed capacity set. Wax Motif threw down by dropping his unreleased single "Wet" and some of his classic remixes including Fly Kicks and his track "Bunda." If your in LA May 5th, make sure to catch Waxy playing at Academy LA. 



5. 13 

13 debut to Insomniac Event was nothing but amazing and seized to surprise us. 13 dropped one of there heaviest and unique sets Beyond has experience with dropping his super sick tracks from both Revelation and Old World Order EP! 13 sent us to hell in back and turned the crowd into his Disciples in Wonderland.



4. i_o

We definitely got low for this young legend. If you missed one of the best techno music this year your loss. i_o reached maxed capacity at his set and played his tracks like low, audio dust, and several unreleased remixes. He also dropped tracks from artists like Raito, Black Gummy, and more; he performed the darkest and grooviest techno set and it was amazing. If you missed i_o, make sure to put him on your list at your next festival.



3. Rezz

Space mom gave us a performance of a lifetime ... once again with her heavy and intricate set. Rezz gave us a interesting and clever opening that got us only wanting more. Rezz played tons of unreleased tunes from her own upcoming album and alias she has previously collaborated with. Wow!



2. Kaskade Surprise DnB Set

 The king of love made it to Cali to perform a SURPRISE DnB set at Beyond Wonderland'd Wide Awake Art Cart. No one saw this coming and if you were the few handfuls that made it to this set, you are very lucky. Kaskade performed a once in a life time DnB set that brought us nostalgic rave vibes. We were lucky to catch some of it!


1. TestPilot

Testing testing... Test Pilot closing Day 1 of Beyond Wonderland. Deadmau5 techno alias Test Pilot gave insomniacs something they did not expect; a closing set with this legends second project. Test Pilot dropped countless tracks for unreleased ID's and tracks on Mau5trap from artist like Eddie, Rinzen, and more. Test Pilot is just getting started but also isn't stopping, we will be experiencing more amazing art from this legend and we are ready!


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