What Your Sub Genre of Choice Says About You

| July 09, 2016

Everyone has their own sub-genre or genres of choice. Chances are there’s also some genre out there that you just don’t understand at all.

While techno may seem repetitive to you, others see it as the greatest thing on the planet. Regardless what you call a good time, here are some sub genres and what they say about you.


If trap music is your jam you’re probably pretty down with the ratchet. Clusters of chaos appeal to you in every sense. The art of twerking is something you’ve probably dabbled in at least once or twice and have probably secretly mastered (even if it only comes out after a few drinks).


The bass music calls your name. After a night at the bass stage, you wake up incredibly sore, but you’re pretty used to it at this point. You like to head bang. You're here to get down with the beat and not necessarily have choreographed dance moves. This isn't a place you'll get made fun of for bad dancing because everyone is there to just feel the drops and jam out. Chances are you've made a fool of yourself once or twice when dubstep comes on in a public place and you can't help but move, it's a reflex.



Not nearly as wild as the trap listeners, trance music listeners definitely have more patience. With dubstep, you expect the bass to drop constantly, however with trance it takes a longer to get that "drop." You like the "out of this world" experience. Trance is for the dreamers. When people try to compare techno to trance, game over, you've already walked away from the conversation. At least once you've talked about how you miss when Tiesto did trance.


You’ll never be found at the main stage. You either really like techno or you really don’t. And if you are a techno snob, you let everyone know about it. Often secluded in the dark tent, you’ll get a different experience here you will anywhere else. You enjoy the fact that all of your senses are a part of the experience. When people aren't calling everything EDM their referring to it as techno and this never fails to make you roll your eyes.



You like to have a good time. Hardstyle is aggressive, and that's just how you like it. You probably enjoy changing words to add the letter Q in them because Q-dance is life.The art of shuffling isn’t unfamiliar territory for you. Even if you’re not very good at it, you don’t care because you’re here to hear the music and get lost in it. Hardstyle fans are very passionate.


While others may find house as repetitive, you beg to differ. You know that 130 bpm is really the best for all night dancing. You also love all the sub-genres just within house: tech-house, deep house, tropical house, progressive house... the list goes on. You're used to dress codes to get into the clubs that play your music and Chicago is probably one of your favorite vacation spots.

 Drum and Bass: 

Just like when trance and techno get mixed up you can't stand being referred to as dubstep. While traits are similar, drum and bass is much heavier and should not be confused. DnB is based around bass pedals and snare drums. You'll get the bass drops expected in dubstep but with a much faster tempo. You're probably not unfamiliar with getting a speeding ticket for driving while listening to DnB. It's a genre for the fast and the gamers, you like the feeling that you're living in your own real life video game.

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