[EVENT REVIEW] Academy LA Completely Stunned After Epic Rave Revival From Duo SAYMYNITTI


| August 03, 2023

The warm summer breeze set the tone for a perfect Saturday evening this past weekend in Downtown Los Angeles. There was a commotion of people exiting buildings and waiting to crosswalk on street avenues as the sizzling heat was beginning to drop. As the sun began to set, the familiar buzz of the nightlife rang through the city as cars whooshed by. The talk of the town for EDM lovers was how Academy LA was the place to be for an epic show that night. 

Fueling the electrifying beats of the night was GRAMMY-winning deck master NITTI and producer SAYMYNAME, performing under their collaborative project, SAYMYNITTI. With the dawn of a new age hitting the speakers of LA's beloved EDM destination, this duo is inspired by their influences from rave music in the late 90s and early 2000s. 

SAYMYNITTI, Academy LAAs the event was being held at Academy LA in the heart of Hollywood, we pulled into the familiar silver-fenced parking lot next to the venue. Cars lined up to park side by side; laughter and excitement were in the atmosphere as we all exited our vehicles and headed south to the venue.

The good vibes were definitely present as people cheered each other on while dancing to the variety of parking lot music. Everyone then shuffled into the lines for their “celebrity close-ups,” as the security guard joked to party-goers. Once we made it past security, the music and lights from inside the venue shined vibrantly with blue and white. 

SAYMYNITTI, Academy LAStrolling into Academy LA, we noticed a bar was available to the right, and to the left was an informational booth sponsored by End Overdose before entering the dance hall. The representatives at the booth were offering helpful information and giving swag goodies for answering questions.

There was an expansive main floor already filled with dancing bodies, while the LED ceiling panels covered the floor with colorful visuals put on by the production team. As you exited the dance floor, there was an outside patio with restrooms for attendees to visit, whether it was to enjoy the starry night and take a breather or chit-chat with other EDM heads.

SAYMYNITTI, Academy LAAfter hitting the bar, we were ready to join in the fist-pump mania on the dance floor. The strobe lights were lighting up the dance floor as bodies danced with opening act FOMO B2B ON_1 that tore the dance floor up. Incorporating elements of techno and bass, the boys gave the killer set with their party anthems. Even teasing some new music with their single, “After-Party.” 

The buzz of electricity from this opening act was uncontainable as bodies swayed back and forth with the techno beats. Heat radiating from the crowd only meant that the level of the party was ready to kick up a notch and the sound system was ready to crank up! 





As the lights dimmed, the LED screen above our heads shined bright with a chromatic bolded name: SAYMYNITTI. In just a second, we saw SAYMYNAME and NITTI appear behind the jockey with a mic. The crowd completely went nuts screaming with excitement as the main event was about to blast off.

SAYMYNITTI, Academy LAWith a loud chant, SAYMYNAME said into the mic, “LOS ANGELES ARE YOU READY!” and without failure the production cranked the volume up and the strobe lights went insane as SAYMYNITTI opened with their club anthem remix of Aqua's “Barbie Girl.”

The duo completely wiped out the stage, hit after hit with elements of NITTI's signature tech beats that caused a constant stream of madness. They hypnotized the audience with their B2B set, playing SAYMYNITTI favorites like “Love Like This”, and BING BONG!. There was even a moment when a female duo wearing matching tuxedos to SAYMYNITTI danced with the DJs on the deck. Something that many fans have dreamt of doing with their favorite artists. 

The venue space filled out entirely for this sold out show, but attendees were sharing the PLUR vibes and fanned each other on the dance floor. As the set continued with bass-house beats and hyped cheers from the crowd, the duo seamlessly blended remixes and original hits. The biggest surprise was towards the end of the night when the SAYMYNITTI showed off a dubstep version of Do You Like Bass.

The energy and endless dancing is a guarantee when surviving a SAYMYNITTI set. The duo definitely had the party animal spark to tear up any venue space and the devotion of many fans who sang along to their dance hits. Make sure to stop and catch these two talented DJs at the green stage this Saturday at HARD Summer!  


Photos courtesy of @tonysib_visuals on Instagram.


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As an aspiring journalist and digital media whiz, Destinee has always felt a connection to the energy of dance music. She is passionate about the EDM community and enjoys writing articles on everything EDM related from fashion, artists, and music festivals. She is based in Los Angeles and enjoys spending her free time exploring the city, reading at local coffee shops, and blasting bass-house and dubstep playlists at the gym. Destinee is devoted to contributing her work to the EDM scene and celebrates electronic dance music to the fullest.

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