Here's What To Pack For Electric Forest 2018

| June 12, 2018

It's June and festival season is on fire! Summer is just about here and the days are getting longer and warmer. Just around the corner is one of the most anticipated events of every year, Electric Forest, located in Rothbury, Michigan.

This festival embraces nature, taking place on a gorgeous property with a pine forest. The Sherwood Forest is brought to life with LEDs, art installations, and incredible infrastructure that takes weeks to prepare for this amazing event that spans across two weekends. 

Your tickets are purchased. Your festival squad is aligned. Now it's time to plan, pack and count down the days until you are back at one of the most magical festivals in the world. 

Here is what to pack to Electric Forest 2018: 


Sleeping Accommodations

If you decided to ball out, then you purchased the Good Life tents that are ready when you arrive. If you didn't, then you need to plan your arrangements. Getting quality sleep at this 4 day camping festival can make or break your weekend. 

The weather generally is mild enough to sleep in a tent, however make sure you don't forget the stakes because of the potential of wind and rain. 

To step it up and get good sleep, we recommend an air mattress or sleeping pad. Sleeping on the ground in your tent is never very comfortable, even with a heavy sleeping bag. Also don't forget a blanket, because the temps can drop quickly at night. 


Clothing For Every Weather 

During the day, you will want those crop tops and tank tops. It can average summer temps of 80s-90s during the day, then drop quickly to 50s at night. This temperature difference will feel like a lot, so make sure you have joggers, leggings, and hoodies to layer if you get cold. 

There is also always a high potential for rain, since you are in the Great Lake region. A rain jacket and rain boots are always a good thing to bring even if you don't end up using them. It's better to be over-prepared, warm and dry; than underprepared, wet and cold. 

Comfortable shoes are crucial too, and have a backup pair. In case one pair gives you a blister day one, then you have a backup for day two. Sunglasses are also a make or break your weekend essential because during the day, it gets sunny and bright! 

Lastly, don't forget a swimsuit. Electric Forest has a waterpark that we highly recommend you should take the shuttle to one day with your crew. It's a Great Wolf Lodge with several water slides that are a couple hours of midday fun! 


Flow Lights & Accessories 

When the sun sets, the lights come on! Join the fun with your own LED toys, like hula hoops, space whips, poi, gloves and other LED flow lights. 

There are so many options for accessories too, like LED glasses that flash to the beat of the music. 


Hydration Backpack 

Staying hydrated is important and the easiest way to do this is with a hydration backpack. It's easy to rage for hours and forget to stop by a booth to buy a water bottle. Reduce waste by refilling a hydration pack and conveniently carry it around all weekend, keeping you and your rave crew safe. 

Campsite Decor 

This one also adds to the experience and aesthetic of the festival. There have been camp sites who go all out with trampolines, late night pop up parties, etc. The least you can do is have a trippy tapestry that shades your canopy and marks your home base. Check out 10 Tapestries To Light Up Your Decor HERE


Bandana / Neck Gaiter

Electric Forest is known as a dusty festival. The Sherwood Forest gets a haze from all the forest dust that gets kicked up. You will be wandering the woods, but it is recommended to have a bandana to try to block some of the dirt from your lungs. This helps prevent post-festival illnesses and getting respiratory issues. 


Food, Snacks and Drinks 

There are amazing food vendors every year, however sometimes your campsite is a long walk just to get a drink. You are camping for 4 days. Having some snacks around the camp such as fruit, granola bars, chips, etc. makes it easier when you get the late night munchies. 

Having a cold beer at camp with your crew is always a must, and will save you a lot of money at the bars. 

If you are feeling ambitious or have food restrictions, planning a few meals like sandwiches, etc. can also save you a lot on food vendors which can add up quick. 


Festival Outfits 

This is a separate category from clothing for every weather because festival outfits are usually planned for special nights, themes, etc. For Bassnectar night, you may want to rock your Bass Rainbow T-Shirt. 

Electric Forest has a nature vibe, so dressing in a spirit animal theme night with your squad is always a fun idea. Check out 7 Fashion Themes For You And Your Fest Fam HERE

Bodysuits are also a cute festival fashion trend for 2018 that are a fun outfit for one day. For guys, whip out those weekend shorts and trippy joggers. Accessorize with steampunk goggles or awe-inspiring kaleidoscope glasses.

Festival fashion is meant to express yourself, so dress in all the colors and be whatever, whoever, you want to be, with confidence! 

With only three weeks away, start your planning now. You still have time to order those must-have items, get all your accessories ready and plan with your crew for outfit themes. 

For inspiration, check out the iEDM Electric Forest Collection HERE.

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If you are flying, be sure to check out 5 Tips For Flying To A Camping Festival HERE

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Lacy Bursick

Lacy Bursick

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She grew up in the Midwest and became passionate for the music scene doing concert photography and reviews while in college at Ball State University.

Her favorite festivals are Electric Forest and Hulaween because of all the interactive art and variety in music.

She loves everything from jam bands, deep house, to dubstep. You can find her at a Bassnectar show dancing with her friends.

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