10 Rave Gifts Under $50

| December 02, 2021

Looking for gifts for your favorite ravers that don't break the bank? Stay on budget with iEDM's Gifts Under $50 Guide. Shop apparel and accessories that will make your fellow raver and your wallet happy this holiday season. From phone cases to face masks, iEDM offers hundreds of vibrant prints to suit your unique style. Check out our 10 favorite rave gifts under $50 below.


Face Masks

Face Masks are a great stocking stuffer and functional gift. Show your fellow raver you care by helping them stay safe and fashionable this winter with an iEDM face mask. Our face masks come in hundreds of trippy prints, including light reactive masks that change color at nighttime. Give the gift of protection with an iEDM face mask.  


Shop iEDM Face Masks HERE!






Bandanas are the most versatile accessory in any professional rave kit. Bandanas can be used as face protection, a neck accessory, or a headband, making them the ultimate rave wear essential. Give your fellow raver something they're sure to use at every festival this summer with an iEDM bandana. 


Shop iEDM Bandanas HERE!



Kaleidoscope Glasses


Transport your fellow raver to a psychedelic wonderland with a pair of iEDM Kaleidoscope Glasses. Experience the lights and lasers of festival season in a whole new way with these optical illusion inducing glasses. iEDM offers a variety of styles to choose from, so you're sure to find your perfect fit. 


Shop iEDM Kaleidoscope Glasses HERE!



Phone Cases

Looking for a gift that offers day-to-day functionality? iEDM offers a vast array of printed phone cases that will fit most iPhones and Samsung Galaxies. Designed to be durable and long-lasting, our phone cases are impact and tear-resistant and support wireless charging. Give your favorite raver a daily reminder of your friendship with an iEDM phone case.


Shop iEDM Phone Cases HERE!



LED Gloves

Light up your favorite raver's life with a pair of iEDM LED gloves. These colorful hand accessories are sure to get your friend noticed while they're dancing the night away. Whether your friend is a novice or expert, they'll enjoy this eye-grabbing rave accessory. 


Shop iEDM LED Gloves HERE!




Give the gift of magic with iEDM Orbits. The multi-colored shock-resistant orbits will get the party started and keep it going long into the night. Get ready to spin and dance your way through the 2022 festival season with iEDM orbits. 


Shop iEDM Orbits HERE!



Fanny Packs

Keep your essentials close this festival season with an iEDM Fanny Pack. These hands-free belt bags have been given an upgrade from the 90s, offering modern styles and prints that will have you looking fashion-forward at the rave. Give your friend something stylish and functional with an iEDM fanny pack. 


Shop iEDM Fanny Packs HERE!



Drawstring Backpacks 


Drawstring Backpacks are a festival essential. These light, packable bags are great for carrying your phone, wallet, keys, water bottle, or extra layers for chilly night raves. iEDM's drawstring backpacks come in a multitude of neon prints and crazy designs that are sure to make your friend stand out in the festival crowds. 


Shop iEDM Drawstring Backpacks HERE!



Festival Tanks

Keep your best friend or boyfriend cool at the rave with an iEDM festival tank. Festival Tanks are a great option for those hot summer days. iEDM's festival tanks come in a range of styles ranging from trippy tie-dye to psychedelic character prints. Your boy will be looking his best in an iEDM festival tank.


Shop iEDM Festival Tanks HERE!



Crop Tops

Help your best friend or girlfriend get ready for the 2022 festival season with an iEDM crop top. Crop Tops are a welcome addition to any summer festival wardrobe. iEDM's cute, flowy all-over print crop tops are comfortable and stylish. With hundreds of prints to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect crop top for your favorite female raver. 


Shop iEDM Crop Tops HERE!



For more gift ideas, check out the official 2021 iEDM Gift Guide HERE!


Stay up to date on the latest festival announcements and music news HERE!


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